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PLACEBO.WHORES // battle for the sun //
the bones you couldn't break
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26th-May-2013 05:58 pm - Official PLACEBO Forum
VG - Slade Music
Hi guys I'm the admin of placebowhores

For many years now I've been running Placebo's Official Forum, Placebo Fans WorldWide (PFWW) (we're also linked at the top of the main page on Placeboworld, should it be easier for you to remember how to find us that way).

As posting on LJ has ground to a halt by most people, I rarely bother to post news updates here anymore, but you can find news and MORE at the forum (and our many social networking sites). If you miss the information, fun and camraderie of placebowhores, please come find us at PFWW!

Album #7, is on the way, it is called Loud Like Love. So keep in touch with us for all the latest breaking news, photos and video at the links below:

FORUM: Forum.Placeboworld.co.uk

FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/PlaceboFWW
TUMBLR: PlaceboFWW.Tumblr.com

25th-Dec-2012 01:05 am - Merry Xmas!
brian's eye
10th-Dec-2012 06:34 pm - Happy Birthday Brian
brian's eye

"I know now, everyone knows I'm 40."

Happy birthday sweet little angel! LOve
2nd-Dec-2012 07:23 pm - Molko,Y'Know?
brian's eye
A few pics for # Molko,FourOh.

MolkoY'Know outdoors 001

MolkoY'Know outdoors 005

MolkoY'Know outdoors 021

MolkoY'Know outdoors 025

Happy birthday sweet little angel! LOve you baby.
Placebo - Brian Green Gaze

Most people want their birthday gifts kept a secret until the big reveal! Not us Placebo fans!! Our goal was for our actions to be SO BIG, SO AMAZING that word of our effort would reach Brian Molko before we could formally deliver the present to him and that’s just what happened last night during an Xfm interview.

Closing on December 7th, we have just one week to go before we prepare the Molko, Y’know? #MolkoFourOh gift for delivery to Brian. We want YOU and your friends to get creative in the remaining time!! Do something different, something BIG, something memorable…something mostly legal! ;) Whatever it is you do, do it with a smile, share your photos and be a part of this one of a kind action that lets you spread the word and say, thanks, y’know?

We got some great feedback and written press from Xfm too!Collapse )

For more info:-
TUMBLR: http://molko-fouroh-yknow.tumblr.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MolkoYknow
18th-Nov-2012 01:08 am - Molko, Y'know? #MolkoFourOh
Placebo - Molko ThinkBob
The global Molko, Y’know? #MolkoFourOh project began just 1 week ago, and already we have over 600 images in our official gallery, with many participants worldwide! Are YOU one of them? If not, come join us!

What is Molko, Yknow? #MolkoFourOh???
It's the biggest international collaborative Placebo fan project, read more about it here.

TUMBLR: molko-fouroh-yknow.tumblr.com

TWITTER: @MolkoYknow


GALLERY: http://bit.ly/MolkoYknowGallery

15th-Oct-2012 07:38 pm - B3
brian's eye
placebo B3placebo B3

What a gift! What a sound! What lyrics! What a voice!
A pure diamond!
Waiting for a pure new Placebo album.
Thanks, PLACEBO!
Placebo - Forrest Dance
Hold all our calls, tonight we'll be busy watching another LIVE Placebo stream thanks to on3! http://www.on3.de/

Placebo hit the stage at 10:35PM local time, so check out when you need to be online: http://time.is/compare/Rothenburg_ob_der_Tauber and join us for the fun on twitter by following @PlaceboFansWW and using the #PlaceboGig hashtag
Placebo - Fi-Steve-Nick
Here's an upload of the full gig, it is rather wonderful.

Set ListCollapse )

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