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the bones you couldn't break

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For all fans of the alternative rock band Placebo. Discussions, images, lyrics, photos and more

w e l c o m e     t o     t h e      b r o t h e l

l a y o u t : BATTLE v2.0 by milou_veronica
h e a d e r / i c o n: by rougevelvet

Welcome to LJ's biggest community for the band p l a c e b o!

Join now and.. meet fellow fans; post & receive breaking news; view new and old pictures; discuss new, old or favorite songs, their meanings, and share personal experiences from tour or life.
Ask a question and you have 2000+ expert whores to help you answer it; plus much more..

We're an easygoing community, these are some basic guidelines:

1. No Soliciting of non-placebo related communities or websites. These along with any other off topic posts will be deleted where relevant.

2. Frequently Asked Questions! You may want to check our memories before you ask that burning question. We're constantly adding posts with information to prevent the same inquiries repeatedly popping up.

3. Be Considerate.
i. Please don't hotlink from other sites. If you want to share pictures etc get a free account and upload.
- photobucket.com [pics & vids]
- imageshack.us [pics]
- megaupload.com & yousendit.com [multimedia].
Also crediting sources is a nice thing to do.

ii. If posting fic, large pics or more than 4 icons, please post behind a LJ Cut

iii. All posts MUST allow comments and must not link to locked entries. Only moderators may turn off this feature.

4. Please do not post pictures of band members' children/girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/family etc, unless they are official press shots (not paparazzi/fan shots).

5. Requesting / Uploading songs/albums that are available for purchase is not permitted. Support the band you love!

6. We're a friendly group of whores; dedicated & tight knit, but more than welcoming of newcomers! Any form of harassment, spaming or fighting will not be tolerated.

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AUS: everybrokenbone
US: placebo_team
Russian: placebo_russia

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MAINTAINER - rougevelvet : rougevelvet[at]livejournal[dot]com

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